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When it comes to New Year’s resolutions our goals can be exciting and ambitious. We think about things we want to change in our lives or things we want to bring into our lives. Maybe also about things we wish for others, our loved ones and others we don’t know.

But are those things better for us as parents?

What did I learn in 2020?

If there is something we have learned during this pandemic it is to pace ourselves. Before COVID, we were living in a world that, in my view, was moving too fast. Appointments, dinner parties, classes and all kinds of activities and commitments.

Now when most of us are at home and with almost no social interaction for the sake of our safety, life has slowed down. I sit and think about things the pandemic has brought into my life and things that are better for me as a parent and as a woman and how I can use them for my New year’s resolutions.

2021. I’m ready for this year!

Start easy.

Think of good habits you established during this pandemic and ones that are easy to continue like cooking at home and less trips to the grocery store. With cooking at home you are eating healthier (one of the most popular New Year's resolutions) and saving money (another good one!). During this time you have learned how to plan grocery shopping and that means less time driving, less energy involving food transportation and more time with your loved ones.

Make realistic goals.

Sourdough baking sounds great but it’s not the easiest goal for many of us. If you really want to bake, how about starting with recipes of muffins, cornbread or even biscuits!  If your ability grows, implement challenges, if it is too much, how about eating fresh bread once a week from your local bakery.

Choose a habit that is simple.

You want to exercise more but not sure which activity or place to start with? How about taking walks in your neighborhood. Choose your favorite podcast, plan to call a friend or just enjoy music or the noises around. Walking will make your heart beat faster and clear your mind.

Ask for help!

You want to live your life in a more sustainable way but you feel it’s too hard to make a change? There are multiple ways to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle and there are many people and services that can help you with this.

- Having a compost. What if I don’t have the space or I’m scared to deal with it? Most cities have compost services that collect your food scraps, provide a compost bin and they process it in the most efficient way.

- Eating healthier and local. Subscribe to a CSA! The community supported agriculture models bring you fresh and local vegetables with easy to manage subscriptions. Many of them suggest different recipes and you will be amazed how easy they are!

- You want to cloth diaper your baby because you know the terrible impact to the world but can’t commit to the poppy laundry days? Get a diaper service! A diaper service like Sun Sprout not only will provide you clean cotton sanitized diapers to your doorstep weekly but will also clean them using less resources than home washing.

Whatever you choose for your new year’s resolution, really think on what’s better for your life and mind. There is no amount that is too small. Each baby step matters!

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Ileana Swanson
Ileana Swanson
Sun Sprout Business Owner Mother, Entrepreneur, Life lover.
Wed, Jan 20, 21