Cloth diaper covers: The guide

You must know there are different types of covers depending on the brand you choose and the design

If you’ve decided to use the all-in-two system cloth diapers, you must know that these are made up of two parts (read more the advantages of using a prefold diaper): the absorbent part composed of a cloth regularly made of cotton, bamboo fibers or hemp and the water-repellent part, the cover.

The covers are wraps for cloth diapers, they’re the equivalent to the old rubber pants used by our grandmas to keep the diapers in place and reduce leaking risks, with the advantage that today they have a better quality and design.

Cloth diaper covers

They’re made of fresh and breathable fabric similar to rain jackets, which admit sweat and liquids but do not accumulate moisture. Their function is to keep the padding in the cloth diaper isolated from the baby’s clothes.

The cover wraps up the cotton diaper where the residues fall. It is secured by snaps or Velcro fasteners that allow to adjust the garment to the size of the baby. The cover makes the diaper stay in the indicated position, in a tight way, preventing the diaper from falling. It has some elastic that allows for better adjustment of the cover, your baby will not have leaks and will be able to play comfortably.

The cover doesn’t need to be replaced every time you change a diaper. If the cover stays dry you can continue using it several times.

How many cloth diaper covers do I need?

Considering the fact that you’ll use cloth diapers around two years, in our experience, we know that most people like to use between 4 and 7 covers for each stage.

You must know there are different types of covers depending on the brand you choose.

Some manufacturers offer one-size covers. They fulfill their purpose of not letting liquids pass with the advantage that they can be adjusted through a system of snaps that can expand according to your baby’s growth.

The disadvantage we find in this type of cover is that they tend to be very big for the newborn stage, so you must also buy newborn-size covers.

Other brands offer covers by sizes.

Some manufacturers offer two sizes, these have an adjusting system according to your baby’s growth. The first stage is for babies between 6 to 15 pounds. While the second stage is for toddlers between 15 and 35 pounds. These are our customers’ favorites here at Sun Sprout Diaper Service!

Other manufacturers offer more variety in sizes that range from new born to toddler (babies between 18 and 36 months). If your baby is small you can use the x-small and small sizes. If your baby is a little bit chubbier you can use medium or big size.  The disadvantage with this type of cover is that they don’t have an adjusting system according to your baby’s growth, this increases expenses because you would have to buy a different one according to the size of the baby.

Prefold Cloth Diapers

There are also covers made of wool. Wool is a fabric that, if treated with lanoline, it can be water repellent. These types of covers are very comfortable for babies, especially at night. They can preserve a nice temperature and they don’t let liquids get through. They come in different models, colors and sizes according to your preferences and your baby’s needs.

As mentioned previously, covers can adjust with snaps or Velcro fasteners. There is no difference between one and the other. It’s a matter of taste. If you’re not sure which one to choose you can buy one of each and decide which you like best. What we can tell you is that when children are growing up they’re very curious and the Velcro system will probably be something that they learn to decipher easily. So, if you want to prevent accidents better opt for snap fasteners.

How to best preserve the covers?

Start-up package including diaper covers

Surely the best way to preserve a garment is to hand wash it, however this can be tiresome. Usually the covers can be washed with the baby’s clothes. But before doing so we recommend you check the manufacturers’ instructions.

Our suggestion for washing them, as well as the cloth diapers (Washing cloth diapers, what you need to know), is to avoid odor scented soaps or softeners. The washing cycle must be with cold water. To preserve them better we suggest not to use the dryer and instead let them dry in the shade.

The preservation of the covers allows you to use them on a second generation, give them to your friends or even sell them in second hand shops.  They’re also an ideal toy for children, my nieces love to play with the covers and use them as diapers for their dolls.

At Sun Sprout we offer the Cloth Diaper Service, with which we guarantee that you’ll have clean and sanitize diapers at your doorstep once a week. We have the option to rent covers, so you can forget about the expense. We provide you with the covers you need for a weekly fee and we change them according to your baby’s growth.

It’s an excellent option if you’re still not sure to invest in diapers. You can ask for our one-month service and try out our product.

If you’re planning on using cloth diapers for more than a year, it’s convenient to buy your own covers. If you decide to do so, go to your local store and support the local economy.

At Sun Sprout we offer high quality covers for sale made in the United States. Ask for our offers for customers. We have discount prices.

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