The advantages of using a prefold diaper

We know the cloth diaper market is booming, which is why we want you to know the advantages of using a prefold diaper over other options.
But first, we need to define what a prefold diaper is. The prefold diaper is a rectangular cloth diaper usually accompanied with a fastener and waterproof cover. The cloth that catches waste is usually made out of cotton and can be folded to adjust your baby’s size. The prefold diaper is then kept closed with an elastic fastener with hooks and a waterproof cover of your favorite color and print covers the diaper.

Benefits of the prefold diaper:

  1. Being a diaper made with natural fibers it reduces the chances of your baby getting a skin infection. The cotton cloth efficiently absorbs all residues but, you will have to change it once it’s wet or dirty unlike a disposable one that can be left on for hours without a change. Constant contact of waste on your baby’s skin can irritate your baby’s skin.
  2. Being a cotton cloth, once it is washed it can be cleaned better that an all-in-one diaper, due to the fact that these are usually thicker and have more seams where waste can get stuck on the small corners of the fabric and then cause infections and bad smells. Also, when washed, they take much longer to dry which can increase the energy consumption of your dryer.
  3. Absorption problems during night time? You can add a second cloth or an organic cotton and hemp fiber insert. This way your baby will be able to sleep peacefully.
  4. Kids learn faster when it’s time to have their diaper changed and start using underpants, because they can identify when the diaper is wet. Disposable diapers are made with super absorbent polymers (SAPs) that make the diaper feel dry so the baby doesn’t feel she needs to get a diaper change)

And of course, we love everything vintage, but in these days we have advantages our grandmothers didn’t have. Here is a list of some of them:

Today you can have your diapers cleaned for you.

Start-up package including diaper covers

At Sun Sprout we offer cloth diaper service and we guarantee that your diapers will not only be cleaned but also sanitized. The technology we use when washing diapers is like that used in hospitals. We wash over 300 diapers in one wash cycle, which reduces the energy consumption compared to washing at home. We use organic cleaning products and high technology machines.

When choosing the service at Sun Sprout you don’t need to buy the diapers, you rent the diapers from us and we provide the right size and amount of diapers you need for your baby.

By hiring the cloth diaper service you can benefit on the time saved on washing your children’s diapers and dedicate this time to other activities.

Did you choose to buy your own cloth diapers and need to restore them? Here at Sun Sprout we offer the Stripping service, we wash and sanitize your diapers so they can have a new life. Ask for our prices.

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Paloma Robles
Paloma Robles
Sun Sprout Journalist, writer and foodie
Sun, Jun 17, 18