Vacations vs Cloth diapers

All you need to know about surviving trips with cloth diapers and not die trying.

Vacations will never be the same with a baby in the family. Leaving home for several days involves hours of preparation and logistics. Carrying one or more suitcases full of toys, blankets, medicine, clothes for heat, cold, wind and water (not skimping on clothes in case something happens, as is common).

The moment of truth comes when closing the bags, everything is arranged millimetrically. We take what is necessary so that the baby does not miss home, but what to do with cloth diapers?

Here are some recommendations for your next trip.

Prefold Cloth Diapers

Let's start by being realistic. How long am I travelling? How many diapers does my baby use daily? Am I going to travel with all those diapers in the bag? Is it possible to wash where I am going?

Some answers:

Verify that you have enough space in the suitcase to carry cloth diapers. Don't forget that on your return the diapers will be dirty and that means more weight in the suitcase, which can complicate things if you travel by plane.

Remember that some laundromats or coin-laundries don't allow washing diapers for hygiene policies. You must take that into consideration.

Dirty diapers can generate strange odors after several days and can even damage fabrics if they are not properly cleaned in a period of less than 4 days. Our suggestion is to not keep soiled cloth diapers for more than 5 days.

In case your trip is short, bring a special bag to avoid odors.

1) If you travel for 1 week or less we propose to arrange special deliveries so you are able to travel with sufficient diapers for your trip without having to wash wherever you go. You will be provided with a double bag to put dirty diapers in and for these to be washed upon your return by Sun Sprout staff.

Prefold Cloth Diapers

It is not advisable to wash the diapers during your holidays because there is no guarantee that they will be perfectly clean and sanitized and that can affect your baby's skin. In addition, there is a risk that the diapers may be damaged and this would generate an extra cost to the client.

2) If you travel for more than 2 weeks we suggest you pause your service until you return from your vacation. The service will not be charged during those weeks. We only ask our clients to let us know one week in advance in order to schedule the collection service for dirty diapers and delivery logistics for the baby's return home. We suggest opting for ecological disposable diapers.

Bamboo Nature diapers are an excellent choice for vacations. They have an environmental certificate that places them as the most ecological brand in the market.  They are sustainable and low impact for the environment.

Bamboo Nature's disposable diapers are free of perfumes, chemicals and any allergenic substance. They do not hurt the skin of our babies They are also super absorbent. They are manufactured with processes that do not harm the environment. So, for a few days of vacation, we can give ourselves a little leniency. Don't you think?

Order them in the desired size and Sun Sprout will deliver them to your doorstep when you go on vacation.

3) If you are traveling for more than 3 weeks it is not recommended that you bring cloth diapers because keeping them dirty for so long could damage the fabric of the diaper. For this option you can also opt for ecological disposable diapers.

At Sun Sprout we can also help you locate another diaper service and reach an agreement for your stay away from home, so you can be sure that your baby will not notice changes in their diapers and you will avoid damaging the environment.

Remember, the most important thing is to enjoy the holidays trying not to damage the environment, so choose the option that suits you best and let Sun Sprout help you on your vacation.

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Paloma Robles
Paloma Robles
Sun Sprout Journalist, writer and foodie
Mon, Aug 27, 18