Why is a cloth diaper a thousand times better than a disposable one?

A baby is going to use diapers for at least two years and a half of his life and consume approximately 8 thousand diapers throughout the whole process

First thing you should know is that a baby is going to use diapers for at least two years and a half of his life and consume approximately 8 thousand diapers throughout the whole process, which can translate to approximately a ton of waste. This will result in a huge accumulation of non-recyclable waste that will most likely end up in landfills, generating an enormous environmental footprint in only a few years.
Also, disposable diapers are made out of plastic and petroleum derivatives, as well as Sodium polyacrylate, gels and other chemicals; this will not only complicate its process as a residue, but can also affect your baby causing more irritation and skin allergies.

A cloth diaper can last for years

Cloth diapers are a sustainable and efficient option for your baby. Especially those made with cotton and natural fibers that allow more comfort to your baby and zero generation of non-recyclable waste. A cloth diaper can last for years, and can even –with the proper cleanliness- preserve its function throughout different generations. This way, the whole “diaper issue” will stop representing an expense to be transformed into a family investment that is also environmentally friendly.

We can all contribute with a little bit

Cloth Diaper Change

In Sun Sprout we believe that we can all contribute with a little bit to reduce our environmental print and offer the best care to our babies. We use cloth diapers (Prefold) made out of cotton in different sizes that are tighten with a small hook (Snapy) and protected with a cover made out of waterproof fabric. All covers come in different colors and prints so you can make the best combination with the baby’s clothes.

Is it almost time for the arrival of your baby? Are you still indecisive on a type of diaper for your little one? Does it terrify you to be washing diapers all the time?

In Sun Sprout we are committed to the environment, your baby’s health and your time. That is why we offer the cloth diaper service.The cloth diaper service is a weekly service in which Sun Sprout rents you the amount of diapers you need for your baby, collects the used ones every week and replaces them with a new package of clean and disinfected diapers. Diapers can change in size as your baby grows.With the weekly washing service you won’t have to worry about cleaning the diapers and you will be benefiting the environment. This way, you can invest your time in other necessary activities for your baby such as feeding or playing.

We are already in Phoenix!

The Sun Sprout experience comes to Phoenix to stay. Ask for our weekly service and the days of delivery, we would love for you to be a part of the Sun Sprout community.

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Paloma Robles
Paloma Robles
Sun Sprout Journalist, writer and foodie
Thu, Dec 07, 17