How do you put a diaper on a baby?

Since it is a diaper made up of three elements, the fitting system may vary depending on the type of wrapping you choose. Here we will show you three ways of putting on the cloth diaper with the prefold system.

3.1 Newspaper Folding

Start with a fold in the back of the diaper that will determine how it will fit on the baby’s belly. Put the baby down on the folded section and fold the diaper overlapping the two panels of the prefold over the middle panel making a triangle, the blunted tip of the triangle pointing down.  Bring the narrow end up to the baby’s belly and spread out the corners of that end around the baby’s waist. Bring the back corners around the front to overlap the front side and fasten the Snappi to the two rear corners.

3.2 Simple

Trifold the diaper lengthwise and place it vertically.

3.3 Nighttime Option

For nighttime we use the newspaper folding and we add an insert or another diaper. Fold it lengthwise in threes and place it vertically in the diaper. This will provide added absorption.

3.4 How many diapers and covers do I need to start with?

From the experience we've had, you need to start with around 10 diapers daily for a newborn baby, and have a stock to cover at least 4 days; that is 40 diapers for 4 days. This will allow you to wash them every 3 days, and always have 10 available diapers.

Talking about covers, ideally, you should have between 4 and 7 covers per size. Covers come in different sizes depending on the manufacturer. We recommend you buy them according to your baby's size. That way you will make sure it is comfortable and well fitted to their size. This will also prevent accidents.