Options to wash the diapers

Part of the experience of using cloth diapers means taking care of washing them well. This might complicate your daily life a little, but once you get used to it, the washing part won't be that difficult, we can assure you.

4.1 Washing at home

If you decide to wash your diapers at home here is some advice. Once you have removed the solid waste (for babies who eat solid food), use the rinse cycle with no detergent in your washing machine with lukewarm water, then extract all of the water.

Then use a hot-water wash cycle where you can add detergent, preferably with no perfumes and softeners. If you have hard water where you live having a water softener, or using a product to make your water soft, will give you better results and you will use less detergent. Also, make sure that the wash cycle has two rinse cycles; this will help diapers be as clean as possible. Don’t use too much soap!

If you chose prefold diapers, drying will be faster and the fabric will have less damage with each wash than an all-in-one diaper.

If you want to save energy in drying time, you can simply hang them in the sun. The sun not only removes some stains, but it is also an excellent natural disinfectant. Once dry, if you have a dryer, you can put them in for 5 minutes on low to make them soft and fluffy.

4.2 Hiring a professional cloth diaper laundry service

Washing diapers at home can complicate your daily activities, and it will definitely take away quality baby time. Therefore, hiring a professional cloth diaper laundry service is a great alternative because diapers will always be clean and ready for their use, and you will be able to stop worrying about washing them, and spend that time enjoying your baby.

In the next chapter, we will tell you all you need to know about a professional laundry service for diapers.

Sun Sprout laundry equipment

Sun sprout laundry equipment
Ileana and Charles - Sun Sprout owners

If you made it all the way to here, you now know that using cloth diapers offers benefits to you, your baby, and the environment. We invite you to be part of this environmental revolution and pamper your baby along the way.

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