Cloth diaper service - What is it?

There are three fundamental reasons for choosing a diaper service: convenience, the guarantee of a perfectly washed diaper, and an environmentally friendly process.

It’s been proven that if you wash them at home, you will consume more water, and more energy to dry them than using a service with industrial washers and dryers like the ones Sun Sprout Diaper Service uses. Industrial washers and dryers are highly efficient when it comes to energy consumption, product and water use. Here’s why:

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5.1 Advantages of using Sun Sprout Cloth Diaper Service

A Cloth Diaper Service like Sun Sprout not only assures you’ll have clean diapers at your doorstep once a week, but it is also a service that guarantees that the diapers your baby will use are perfectly clean, as well as sanitized; which will prevent your baby from having irritation and allergic reactions.

How cloth diaper service worksHow cloth diaper service works

Every week at the convenience of your home we will deliver clean diapers and pick up the ones from the week before. We will provide all the right sized diapers your baby needs for the week.

With this weekly service, you won't have to worry about washing the diapers, and you will also be helping the environment. What's more, you will be able to spend that time doing other necessary things for your baby, like feeding them or simply having fun with them.

5.2 What to expect from a diaper service?

Our service uses professional and industrial machines that guarantee diapers will be completely sanitized and using fewer resources than home machines. Our machines are programmed by experts to use the required detergents in proper amounts.

In every cycle, the diapers are washed at high temperatures (over 169 degrees Fahrenheit), and different detergents and rinses are used to guarantee they are clean and perfect for your baby’s skin.

Using a service like Sun Sprout can guarantees your diapers will be safe and perfect for your baby.

5.3 Do you live in Phoenix or Tucson? Sign up today!

If you live in the Phoenix or Tucson metropolitan area, Sun Sprout Cloth diaper service is a great ally if what you need is convenience and good health for your baby, especially if you are concerned about the environment.

Sun Sprout Diaper Service has a professional washing process and a team of experts for scheduling and monitoring it. It's important that if you consider using a diaper laundry service, they can guarantee complying with the washing standards of a professional process.

At Sun Sprout, we offer Cloth diaper service and we guarantee that your diapers will not only be clean, but also sanitized. The process we use to wash the diapers is like the one used in hospitals. Another advantage is we wash between 300 and 520 diapers, depending on the size of diapers, in a single wash cycle, having a smaller environmental impact in terms of resource usage. We use ecological cleaning products and high-tech machines.

Sun sprout laundry equipment
Diaper class - Sun Sprout

By choosing a service with Sun Sprout, you don't need to buy the diapers. We rent them and we change the size at no additional cost as your baby grows. It is another way of benefiting the environment, since the diapers and covers we use are constantly being reused.

At Sun Sprout Diaper Service, we have washed millions of diapers and helped hundreds of families. After 7 years, we have diapers in good condition that we've had since we began the service.

By signing up with Sun Sprout Cloth Diaper Service, you will be able to make the most of the time you save from washing diapers and spend that time doing other things.

If you made it all the way to here, you now know that using cloth diapers offers benefits to you, your baby, and the environment. We invite you to be part of this environmental revolution and pamper your baby along the way.

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