How diaper service works

Every week, at the convenience of your home, we will provide you with a cloth pail liner with fresh cloth diapers for that week and we will pick up the dirty diapers from the previous week.

Start your subscription

Start your subscription and add extra items. We will change sizes as your baby grows!

Attend our cloth diapering masterclass

Attend our cloth diapering masterclass before your due date.

Delivery van

Leave used diapers out for pickup.

Clean cloth diapers illustration

Clean diapers will be delivered every week at your doorstep.

Sign up today

All you have to do is subscribe to one of our service plans and tell us the estimated due date or age of your baby. After that, sign up for one of our upcoming diapering classes in Tucson or Phoenix. We will then schedule with you when your first delivery of diapers will be, which happens around 2 weeks before your due date.

And then you will be all set!

If you are just curios to learn about cloth diapering or our service you are welcome to attend one of our diapering classes for a reasonable fee.

What the Service includes

Your basic subscription includes a diaper pail, one pail liner and your set of cloth diapers. You can add to your subscription cloth wipes and diaper covers.

Service plans

Payment and billing

We bill on a monthly basis, and you can also choose one of our great startup deals to save money! In case you subscribe before the baby is born, your monthly subscription will start until your baby is born.

Attend our cloth diapering masterclass

Sun Sprout is commited to provide the best for your baby and the environment, that is why we want to encourage you to choose cloth diapering TODAY!

Still got questions

Join us at our next cloth diapering class