Refund Policy

Termination of Service and Refunds:  Customers may cancel at any time after the initial 1 month contract.  At least one-week cancellation notice is required for termination of services.  No cash refunds will be provided on services already rendered nor on prepaid services.  If prepaid/unused weeks are available, upon request we will provide the equivalent in disposable diapers and a $40 restocking fee will be charged. Upon termination of service, customers have one (1) week to arrange the return of all rented diapers and Registration equipment before the credit card on file is charged in full for the replacement of all missing items.  Each additional trip we make to recover unreturned items will cost the client $15.00 delivery fee. The replacement charge on return diapers is $5.00 each; $50.00 for diaper pails; $20.00 for each diaper pail liner.  After every effort has been made to recover all rented equipment, the credit card provided at the beginning of the service will be charged for the full amount of any unreturned and/or damaged items.  Sun Sprout Diaper Service reserves the right to terminate this service agreement at any time for any reason after providing a seven (7) day written cancellation notice to the customer.  In the event of a catastrophic circumstance that doesn't allow you to continue your prepay plans of 26 or 52 we will dialogue together for a fair arrangement.