Terms of service

Starting Service:  To start service there is a month minimum plus a one-time $40.00 Registration fee required for all new customers.  This payment of $180.00  is due in full before the first delivery.  The month of service and start up fees are both NON-REFUNDABLE one-time fees.  Sun Sprout Diaper Service will deliver customer’s first package of diapers and other accessories during the pre-birth window (1-2 weeks before your due date).  If baby arrives before the pre-birth window, please email  Sun Sprout Diaper Service to arrange delivery of diapers and other accessories.  Sun Sprout Diaper Service requires credit card information to be provided for all new accounts.  This information will be held and only used in the event that rented diapers and/or equipment are not returned; damaged equipment is not paid or for by monthly payment authorization for services given.  If for some reason you can’t start using the diapers shortly after your baby is born, the diapers will need to be returned otherwise monthly rates may apply. Please contact us if this applies to you.

Service:  Our standard monthly service fee is $140.00 for one (1) child. Additional $5.00 weekly charge applies if address is out of our delivery area, no discounts apply to this. Service is 50% off for every additional child.  Customers with accounts in good standing will receive one week’s supply of diaper service quality pre-fold diaper, delivered in a cloth pail liner.  Fresh, sanitized cloth diapers will be delivered each week to replace the number of soiled diapers left for pick up the previous week.  As your child grows and is ready for a larger diaper, all current diapers must be returned in order to receive a full supply of the next size. Rate changes may occur during the length of your service.

Upon sign up, you will receive the appropriate number of diapers for your child’s age: newborn (4-10 lbs.) receive 80 diapers (160 in rotation); infants (7-15 lbs.) receive 70 diapers (140 in rotation); regular (15-30 lbs.) receive 60 diapers (120 in rotation); super (25-35 lbs.) receive 60 diapers; toddler (25-40 lbs.) receive 50 diapers.  Example: during your pre-birth delivery you will receive 80 diapers. During our first pick up delivery after you have given birth, we will pick up your dirty diapers and deliver another 80 diapers.  This starts your rotation of 160 diapers.  On the second week, we will deliver however many diapers we picked up on the first week and on the third week, we will deliver however many diapers we picked up on the second week.  Your diaper service rotation will continue in this manner until your baby moves into the next size diaper, where the number of diapers in rotation decreases.  For newborn and infant diapers, we offer for your monthly service up to 110 diapers per week, for regular size 80 diapers and super and toddler size up to 60 diapers. After this we charge $1.00 extra for every set of 10 diapers.

Additional Supplies:  Adding cloth wipes to your monthly subscription is $16.00 to receive 60 wipes per week, $20.00 for 80 wipes and $22.00 for 100 wipes.  Diaper covers and Snappi Fasteners are for sale.

Starter Package:  Includes accessories that are needed to begin cloth diapering with us. They are offered at a 10% discount when purchased as a Started Package. Cost of the Starter Package is $110.00 plus tax and includes 2 extra Snappi fasteners, 5 diaper covers, 1 Thirsties wet bag, 1 diaper balm and 1 rash relief cream.  The diaper covers style is "Thristies Duo Wrap".

Four Week Grace Period: After you sign up with the service we will schedule/deliver your first delivery of diapers and accessories around 2 weeks before your due date.

If you don’t immediately start using the diapers when your baby is born you will have a 4-week Grace Period to allow for delays in starting the service. During this time, we will not be delivering diapers nor charging your pre-paid week of service.

At any point when you’re ready to activate your service you have to call or email us, and we will schedule your next pickup and delivery. If you have not activated service within 4 weeks after your baby’s due date, your monthly recurring billing will automatically begin the 5th week.

Account Status and Payment Terms:  After the original 1 month of service, customers will be billed in monthly increments.  Payment is due by the due date on each invoice, and subscriptions charge for the month in advance.  If payment is not received in full, service will terminate until the account is in good standing.  By paying your monthly bill, you are agreeing to contract service for the following months, by a monthly charge.  If payment is made after the delivery day of a particular week, delivery will not occur until the following week.  Service will be suspended until the account is in good standing and all fees have been paid.  Sales tax does not apply to the diaper service, however, it does apply to any and all accessories purchased.  Payments are with the credit card you use in your initial purchase. You will be able to update this information if needed.  In case you arrange to pay with a check, there is a $30.00 fee for all returned checks.  If your service is pre-paid, your service will not be interrupted and you will be notified three weeks prior to the end of your payment period in order to continue service.  We have an auto-pay option for every four weeks of service payable by credit card.  

Discounts:  To start the service any customer who prepays for 26 weeks of service will have their Registration Fee waived. 52 prepaid weeks will have their Registration Fee Waived plus 5% off.

After finishing the 26 weeks or 52 weeks plan, clients will be placed in a monthly subscription.

Delivery:  Sun Sprout Diaper Service makes every effort to conserve resources while also meeting customer’s needs, therefore, delivery days and times are subject to delivery routes; however you will be notified if your delivery day or time frame changes at least one week prior.  On your delivery day, please place your pail liner full of soiled diapers in an easily accessible place out of direct sunlight – in a shaded area the night before.  Sun Sprout drivers may begin deliveries as early as 5:00 am.  

It is imperative that you have your diapers out for pick up when we arrive.  We do offer an email/text reminder for all customers to make sure deliveries aren’t missed.  Please tell us when you set up service if you would like a reminder.  We forgive the first missed delivery.  Every subsequent will result in a $20.00 charge.    

Vacation:  If you are leaving on vacation, please let us know a week before.  We will make arrangements to pick up all dirty diapers before you leave so they do not sit while you are gone and we will deliver the equivalent paid in your service with disposable diapers. In case you don't arrange these changes at least 1 week before you will not receive the disposable diapers and there is not any refund of any kind. When you are out on vacation, monthly subscription continue. For people that travel for more than 1 month we can arrange something accordingly.

Customer’s Responsibility / Proper use:  Sun Sprout Diaper Service’s rental diapers are to be used on babies only.  Diapers found being used as cleaning rags or for other non-baby related uses will need to be removed for service due to the inability to remove chemicals or stains (baby-related uses such as spit rags or wipes are acceptable).  If a diaper needs to be removed from service, you will be charged $5.00 per diaper replacement fee.  Please do not put trash or disposable wipes in diaper pail. The diaper pail is just for diapers or our cloth wipes.  Certain medications or diaper creams can cause untreatable stains that ruin rented diapers.  Please notify us if your child’s doctor has prescribed any medications or diaper rash creams.  Also, please check our website for recommended diaper creams that are better for both your child and the diapers.  Do not store soiled diapers in the heat (example: outside or in a garage during the summer) or in direct sunlight.  This will damage the diapers.  There is no need to rinse soiled diapers.   In fact, this can cause mold or mildew.  Please shake off soiled diapers once you have begun introducing solid foods, this will help mitigate lingering odors and help to prevent some staining from occurring on the diaper and is much appreciated.  Please do not store diapers in plastic.  This also causes mold and mildew.  You are responsible for the quality care of diapers and other items that you rent from Sun Sprout Diaper Service.  

Agreement to use Slightly Stained Diapers:  You might find light stains on the diapers we deliver to you.  This is normal and does not mean that your diaper isn’t clean, sanitized and perfectly safe for your baby.  

Lost and Found:  Please keep all personal items out of the pail liners.  Sun Sprout Diaper Service is not responsible for any lost items left in the soiled diaper bag.  Please call us to report any missing items.  If lost items are found, we will gladly return them on your next scheduled delivery date.  

Termination of Service and Refunds:  Customers may cancel at any time after the initial 1 month contract.  At least one-week cancellation notice is required for termination of services.  No cash refunds will be provided on services already rendered nor on pre-paid services.  If prepaid/unused weeks available we will provide the equivalent in disposable diapers and a $40 restocking fee will be charge. Upon termination of service, customers have one (1) week to arrange the return of all rented diapers and Registration equipment before the credit card on file is charged in full for the replacement of all missing items.  Each additional trip we make to recover unreturned items will cost the client $15.00 delivery fee. The replacement charge on return diapers is $5.00 each; $50.00 for diaper pails; $20.00 for each diaper pail liner.  After every effort has been made to recover all rented equipment, the credit card provided at the beginning of the service will be charged for the full amount of any unreturned and/or damaged items.  Sun Sprout Diaper Service reserves the right to terminate this service agreement at any time for any reason after providing a seven (7) day written cancellation notice to the customer.  In the event of a catastrophic circumstance that doesn't allow to continue your prepay plans of 26 or 52 we will dialogue together for a fair arrangement.

Customer Satisfaction and Limitations:  Sun Sprout Diaper Service strives to meet the satisfaction of all customers.  We welcome all comments and questions and will attempt to remedy situations brought to our attention.  All diapers are cleaned using a professional eco-friendly process that sanitizes to ensure ultimate cleanliness and the best possible product for your child.  Sun Sprout Diaper Service welcomes and encourages any inquiries about our washing process, including the products used.  We also encourage open communication about your child’s allergies.  However, Sun Sprout Diaper Service cannot be held liable for any adverse reactions that may occur as a result of using our service or products sold.