Esembly Tossers

A biodegradable cloth diaper liner that gives you an ick-free way to discard of diaper messes before laundering. While your baby is on a liquid diet, there’s no need for this. But once they start eating 2-3 solid meals per day, these flushable liners will become your new best friend. They provide you with an ick-free way to discard of solid waste before laundering your diapers—and they’re super-soft and comfortable against your baby’s skin.

Instructions: Line your cloth diaper with a fresh flushable liner at each diaper change. When soiled, discard the liner along with the mess its collected and launder your diapers as usual.

These liners can be discarded in the trash, or in some cases flushed down the toilet. If flushing, please note that while they are biodegradable, flushing any product (other than toilet paper) can cause blockage in some plumbing systems. Use your discretion. Tossers are not septic safe.

Ingredients: 100% bamboo viscose

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