Pail deodorant -Meliora home scrub cleaner-

Great to neutralize smells inside your diaper pail when needed!

Meliora Gentle Home Cleaning Scrub is a great way to add a little kick to your people- and planet-friendly home cleaning.  This mixture of baking soda and our All-Purpose Home Cleaner Soap works great on the tub, tiles, and stovetops around your home.

100% biodegradable and septic-safe.

✓ 100% Plastic-Free ✓ Dye-Free ✓ Preservative-Free ✓ Palm-Oil Free ✓ Cruelty-Free ✓ Synthetic Fragrance-Free

Instructions as Pail Deodorant: Add 1 Tbsp. when needed.

Instructions for home cleaning:
* Wet Surface Sprinkle Gentle Home Cleaning Scrub Onto Wetted Surface.
* Rub with Damp Cotton Rags, Sponge, or Swedish Dish Cloth Rinse Surface and Wipe Dry.
*Always test a new surface in an inconspicuous area to ensure baking soda won't scratch or harm finish.

Size: Net Wt. 12 oz

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